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Who We Are 

We proudly are and have been a private family owned business for over 10 years. Not only do we specialize in custom outdoor kitchens, we specialize in stone veneer accent, lanai lighting, pavement sealing, pressure washing, and more! We want to be here for all your outdoor/lanai needs. It all started as a project to create the perfect backyard grill and ended up as the perfect dreamed getaway. Once we saw what we created not only were we amazed but we wanted to share it with all our family and friends. Ever since, we have successfully been changing people’s homes and giving all our clients the dream of having their own backyard paradise.

Learn more about us below and contact us today! 


  • Sarasota

  • Lakewood Ranch 

  • Bradenton 

  • Venice 

  • Locally Manufactured 
  • Locally Installed 
  • License & Insured 
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Florida Weather & Water Proof
  • Exterior Grills & Smokers 
  • Exterior Fireplaces 
  • Exterior Appliances & Furniture
  • Easy Cleaning  
  • Mold & Mildew Free
  • No Staining or Chipping 
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Precision & Skill  

What sets us apart from the rest, is the dedication and attention to detail we put in all of our projects.  We single handedly pick and introduce every stone in our veneer accent walls and kitchens piece by piece. Our goal is to give your home a cozy yet modern look that makes it warm and welcoming to any mood of the day.

Life time Guarantee

We build to last and thats why we work and choose only the BEST! 

Selected Brands:


“These guys definitely know what they're doing.” 

—  Tom Frazier 

Pavement Sealing

Pressure Washing

Industry Masters 

Not only are we experts customizing kitchens, we are your one-stop-shop to all your outdoor living needs.

Veneer Accent Walls

Veneer Accent Walls 

Lanai Lighting

Lanai Lighting 

Our promise to you is simple, give us a space or a wall, and we'll give you a one of a kind getaway, 

-Tim LeClair, Owner 

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